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Q) How many children are in each class?
A) This varies but approximately 15-25 with a Senior Instructor, Assistant Instructor and numerous Coaches in each class to ensure a professional and enjoyable learning experience for the students.

Q) Will my child be actually fighting in the classes?
A) Absolutely not. All training is supervised and structured with the children’s safety at the foremost. We practice lots of pad and drill work to built up ability of which all equipment is held by qualified staff members only. Your children are totally safe.

Q) Do adults and kids train in the same class?
A) No. All classes are age specific 5-8yr olds, 8-12yr olds, 13-17yr olds.

Q) Can I switch classes if I need to?
A) Of course. We have many classes to choose from so if you cant make your regular class one week just attend an alternative session.

Q) What should we wear for the beginner course?
A) Loose comfy clothes. No shorts. Plimsolls or clean socks.

Q) Are all the staff DBS checked?
A) Yes. Every member of staff is DBS checked.

Q) Do we have to sign a contract to join up?
A) No. We collect fees monthly via a standing order that can be cancelled at any time without penalty.

Q) Do parents wait while the class is on?
A) Up to you. We have waiting areas/receptions that parents can use or its no problem to leave the children in our care for the duration of the lesson.

Q) Is there lots of time spent in lines shouting and punching the air like in the old movies? Will my child get bored?
A) No and No! The classes are structured independently for each age group as the learning needs/attention spans are very different for each age group.
The children are active and having fun in a controlled environment designed to motivate them and bring out the best in them.

Q) Do I need the uniform straight away?
A) No. Club uniform will be required for your first grade however.

Q) Do you close during the summer holidays?
A) No. We continue through the whole year excluding Easter weekend and Christmas.

Q) What should we bring?
A) Bottle of non fizzy drink and any medication required.

Q) How long has Meridian Kung Fu been teaching?
A) 20 years at the same location.


Q) Do I need to be fit?
A) Not at all. We will help build your fitness up gradually.

Q) Am I going to get hurt?
A) We run a professional martial arts school not an edgy fight school. We use traditional and modern equipment and training methods to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our members.

Q) Are the classes mixed?
A) Yes

Q) Can I progress to weapons training?
A) Yes

Q) Am I committed to a contract?
A) No. Our fees are collected monthly by standing order with no penalty to end should you cease training.

Q) Am I too old to start?
A) No one is too old to start. We have members that started in their 60s. Age and physical condition are not an issue.

Q) Will I be the only beginner?
A) No. We run specific beginner courses so you’ll be with a group of all beginners to introduce you properly.

Q) Can I train more than once a week?
A) Yes, up to 7 times per week if you wish.

Q) Can I progress to Instructor training?
A) Yes