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Teenage Wing Chun

How the programme works!

  • Initially new recruits come along on a 4 week beginner’s course.
  • On completion children are able to join as a full member and participate in regular weekly sessions.
  • Each week the children learn a new technique and skillUntitled-1 within their belt status.
  • Once all the techniques within their belt status are taught and understood the students are able to grade for the next belt within the system.
  • At the end of every school term the students are able to enter into non contact regional tournaments with medals and trophies for ALL.
  • The programme runs over a four year period, on completion the students are fully equipped to move to the Teenager or Adult Wing Chun Programme.


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Available Class Times



(no other club gives you so much)

1) Full on line access to our members learning zone
This will allow you to watch professionally made tutorial videos and training drills relevant to the belt level you are training towards on any of your mobile devices. This will allow you to practice at home correctly and show Mum and Dad how well you are doing!

2) Junior Life Mastery
Meridian Kung Fu (UK)’s incredible kids life skills programme runs over an 8 week period EVERY term. This is an optional free of charge take home study that instills core values such as teamwork, tidiness, punctuality, respect, discipline and kindness. The children receive a work sheet to pin on the fridge and once it’s completed they receive a super cool Meridian Kung Fu (UK) Junior Life Mastery wristband in a presentation ceremony.

3) Home study curriculum
For parents that want to help their children learn Chinese terminology and names of individual techniques, history of Wing Chun Kung Fu and its martial etiquette, we have work along book for you to read with your child at home. Wonderful bed time reading.


Ifsatisfaction-star after your first lesson you do not feel you’ve just put your child in the most professional, motivational and fun packed martial arts class in the UK that will improve their health, focus and discipline we will fully refund your fee.


Once you become a full member after your 4 week course you’ll receive one of our limited edition Meridian Kung Fu (UK) kit bags. They are awesome!

Meridian Kung Fu (UK) instructors are experts in bringing out the very best in your child

We’ll dramatically raise their confidence and interaction levels, develop core skills such as respect and courtesy whilst teaching them to be an incredible martial artist, natural leader and even more awesome than they already are!

Also available to all members

  • Fun days A whole day of fun and games at UK HEAD QUARTERS during half terms and school holidays.
  • Adventure days Have a day out with your favourite instructors at our adventure camp during the school holidays; Archery, zip lines, air rifles, mini crossbows, hiking , Water walkers and much more.
  • Regular gradings Held at the end of every school term with a presentation ceremony for mum and dad to come and watch you receive your newly earned belt. Cool!

Elite training membership

For those that wish to take their training to the absolute max, once a year we recruit for our Elite training programme giving the chance to train in a 2 hour advanced session every month. Junior and teen members only.

Who else gives you professional

  • Amazing Kung Fu classes that inspire kids
  • Professional, full time instructors
  • Fully DBS checked coaches
  • Age specific curriculums
  • Age specific training groups
  • High energy classes
  • Character developing environment
  • On-line video learning zone
  • Home study programmes
  • Life skills programmes
  • Regular awards and commendations
  • Advancement onto elite training

Further development

Once you reach intermediate level you will be offered the opportunity to participate in our 4 year Elite Training Programme (see website for full details). This programme teaches the weapons of Wing Chun, the Wooden Dummy and Chi Kung.
We also offer a 4 year Instructor Programme resulting in you opening your own branch.

What to wear?

Clothing: Loose and comfortable top and full length trousers. Non marking shoes.


4 week trial course only


Book here to start your martial arts journey!

Available Class Times

There are currently no classes at this branch. Please contact Meridian HQ for available classes in your area.

See our 5 star reviews…

“Meridian is one of the best. We’ve been to a few clubs in the past and this one is well structured, no time for getting bored, waiting for the next instruction. No waiting months for your t-shirt/kit to make your children feel more confident and an established member of the club. Membership pack was promptly given out exactly when they said, after a txt message. Friendly staff, good atmosphere – Its all there!”

“Where do I start, my six year old can now focus, concentrate, stand still and listen! Meridian has been amazing, the instructors are spot on, I am so impressed and I cannot praise them enough.”

“Never before have my kids been thrilled to return to a class week after week! They loved it from day one. Everyone’s really friendly, supportive and welcoming. We love it! Keep up the good work everybody!”

Meridian Martial Arts Junior Elite Training
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Just one of our fantastic Teenager groups. We teach over 1000 children per week in age specific classes. No 5 year olds and 14 year olds in the same class with Meridian Kung Fu. This ensures the very best learning outcome.


Sessions encourage development in line work, pad and drill work, heavy bag training, speed and flexibility training, plus of course, self defence and Wing Chun Kung Fu.


Teenagers learn respect and humility and the skills to become confident young adults.

121 Training Programme
Junior Life Mastery
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